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December 31, 2017



I love your list of things - I just added the eye masks (love lavender) and booties to my Amazon cart to buy with the fermentation crock that I decided I needed to make homemade sauerkraut. Personally my 2017 was pretty great as well - I ran more, ate better, stressed less and moved from a 2 bedroom/1 bath old apartment with a tiny kitchen to a 3 bedroom 2.5 bath brand new townhouse - I have 2 kids so one bathroom was really problematic (still renting because home prices in Seattle are insane and a mortgage stresses me out). For SAD - massive amounts of Vitamin D, my multivitamin (NOW - Special Two), probiotics (sometimes I take a woman specific one but lately i've been taking the Garden of Life - Mood+) I got a combination steam mop/vacuum for Christmas from my parents which is awesome for all of the hard floors in my new place (Bissell Symphony). The fact that the ACA was not repealed/replaced made me very happy as the replacements would have made my job even more complicated than it is (healthcare actuary working on the ACA). My company was acquired by Kaiser Permanente and we moved offices (unrelated) - but at my new office building there are workout rooms and free fitness classes and starting this month there is discounted personal training as well. Health policy twitter also helped keep me sane this year. I completely agree about dating - I'm pretty sure I'm not looking for any cohabiting life partner right now - I've been dating the same person basically all year and it's been a little rocky at times but it's so much easier knowing that my life is fine without it. I'm totally going to try the meditation thing at work - Kaiser is big on the touchy feely stuff.


I can relate to a lot of your list, but this in particular was really great to read: "So when dating happens, I no longer think of it as a means to an end; I think of it like (I'm sorry, this is literally the worst analogy of all time, but oh well) spice added to a meal, or the proverbial icing on a cake." So smart! Meditation also kept me sane this past year. I'd been meditating intermittently for a few years, but I had a huge life change in early 2017 that made me double down on cheap ways to stay sane, and more consistent meditation was really helpful. I also tried to keep sane with regular and consistent exercise (long daily walks, running outside, Yoga with Adriene, and FitnessBlender). Exercise for me isn't exactly joy-producing, though, so here are some pretty simple things that made me happy in 2017: making stuff from cookbooks I checked out from the library, sewing my own clothes, journaling (the infamous morning pages and random scribblings in multiple notebooks I've collected over the years but never used), and watching American Vandal and Shetland on Netflix.

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