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November 23, 2013



eep! nothing but eep! and i'm terrified to think that my dentist could pull something like this someday. i'm half-convinced that she could do this, too.


Having just had an emergency root canal this morning, I quite literally feel your pain. Except, well, my mouth is still comfortably numb and I actually used Yelp to find my guy. True, I was searching at 2am (because I could not sleep, because of the pain) for someone, anyone, who was open on Saturdays, but I actually found a legit review from someone who'd tried to fix a bridge or something all on her own while in town on a business trip. And this review was from nine days ago, so that seemed legit to me. Anyway, I have always been a HUGE dental phobe, but like you I am now hoping to amend my ways and become a regular.


I have close to the same dental history as you. Brush 2-3 times / day and floss every night. Yet, have nearly as many cavities as fingers, one root canal (when I was a kid), braces for 3 years, which caused my receded gums (which needed oral surgery). Have three wisdom teeth yhat will need to be removed, but thankfully are not causing me pain at this point. Anyways, I would love to know who this devil dentist is so I can completely avoid and tell everyone I know not to see this person. Can you divulge and save your readers from her madness?

By the way, great to see you blogging again!

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