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June 05, 2010



I got my Wilderness First Responder (WFR) certification back in college and have [unfortunately] found it to be very useful on several occasions, though I've forgotten a lot and my cert has now lapsed.

Luckily, due to friends in high places, my course was paid for (though I had to take two weeks off work to do it).

Bottom line is if you get a chance, I think a WFA class would be a good idea and give you much more peace of mind on your trips!

P.S. You'd better still be planning on West Virginia. Party time.


Yeah, I had to be WFA certified when I worked at Mason's outdoor ed center. I've never had to treat a sucking chest wound while out in the wilderness, but I can! (or rather, I could, back when I was certified)

A first aid kit is only as useful as the person about to administer the aid. Plus, when/if you should actually need the kit is not the time to be pulling out the accompanying manual and thumbing through the index trying to figure out the best course of treatment.

Find a class, set aside a weekend, and take the class is my recommendation. CPR certification doesn't really count as WFA/WFR... How else are you going to learn that when your friend impales their eyeball with a stick you need to leave the stick as is, safely cover and secure the stick/wound (empty Nalgene bottle works great), and then make sure to cover their still good eye because eyes move in tandem and you really don't want to make the wound worse than it already is. You're definitely not going to learn that kind of stuff in CPR class.


WFA is a great thing to have, and i've had to use it on a few occasions at least partially because hey, i'm an idiot that likes to play recklessly in the mountains, but... for the kind of outdoor adventures you have, with friends that know things, you're probably fine. and catherine? you're killing these goals.

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