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April 06, 2010



"natural beauty" isn't the allure so much as artlessness is appealing to me. i wouldn't say i hate makeup & it doesn't really have an overall impact on how i feel about someone, i just like it when a woman feels like she doesn't need to wear it around me.


As a longtime married guy (14 years this June), I can say that this is something that it takes men a long time to learn. I think that it's in part that women at an early age are (1) not very good at the make-up thing, tending to overdoing it, and (2) that the younger you are, all else equal, the less make-up one "needs." (Not that anyone needs needs it.) So when you're 19, as a guy, you think "girls" are pretty w/o, and you think you can tell when they are w/, because you often can.

But as women become older, they get better at this. A kind of feminine deception, if you will. And, of course, men don't notice these things, because (1) we are generally a slow-witted bunch, and (2) we adore our women and think they are lovely all the time.

I think that the mid-30s are the turning point. At that point, if you've been waking up with the same women for, say, five years, you know very well what she looks like w/o make-up (still lovely, of course), and what she looks like when you go out to a nice restaurant (even more lovely). And the high heels are something special. I understand hating patriarchy, but, well, . . .

Have a kid, and the issue becomes even more stark, because everyone is tired all the time, and my sense is that, in your 40s, especially, the role of make-up is to make one look less tired more than anything else. I know there are (many) days when I need some, but as a non-metrosexual, I can't have any!!!

But yes, men, especially young men, are slow on the uptake and besotted with affection.


What they said, but less adeptly. For me, I care less whether or not a woman wears makeup or not as to whether she can be comfortable without it. So... what bukuwawa already said better.

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