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February 24, 2010



Preheat the oven, put the dough in the skillet, and prebake 8 minutes or so to crisp up the crust. Take it out and then hit it with the toppings and cook until it's the right crispiness/burntiness. This alleviates the doughiness problem with thick Chicago pies.


Brilliant. I did forget that Arlene said to par bake the dough beforehand. Will try next time!


First of all, I think the "Catherine Learns to Cook" tag is missing from this.

Secondly, it looks tasty. I think I will try this skillet method. I always use a stone.

Hello, Catherine.


Scott, you are so observant. Will properly tag now!


I've always bought dough from the local pizza place (much easier), but trying to make dough is in my future, I think.

I would also recommend a pizza stone. Just put that thing in the oven, crank up the temp and then put the pie on once it's well heated. Pie will be done in no time!

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