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January 06, 2010



If you're going to spend money on real lingerie, definitely go to a place that can do a real, educated bra fitting. Like, a serious bra place won't even let you pick things out or tell them your size -- they'll tell *you* your size and then bring you a selection they think makes sense for you according to the parameters you give them (lace/no lace, etc.)

Nordstroms is the best for standbys but I'm sure there are some local ones that are experts, too. If you get some advice on who, I'd be interested because it's been a while since I was fitted.


Second the fitting recommendation, but suggest Coup de Foudre if you really wanna get fancy. Two French women with measuring tape and a mission.


Like. Possible over-share foul.


I think an overshare comment on a possible overshare post is acceptable.


Not in DC, but you might check out Trousseau in Vienna.


Thanks for the suggestion! I'm actually from Vienna, but have never stepped in Trousseau. Might have to give it a shot. While visiting my parents. That wouldn't be weird...right?

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