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January 04, 2010



Why don't you have your company pay you in both your savings and checking so you don't have to move the money over?


I don't mind moving the money over, it takes me about 2 seconds to do online.


Plus, that lets me adjust the amount on months I'm feeling more flush.


I've got my bank account set up to move a set amount automatically from checking to savings the day after each paycheck, and then I check my accounts periodically to see if I should move more. The automatic transfer means I don't have to actively do anything. Considering the length of my daily list of things to do, this is a good thing.


I think you could kill 2 birds with one stone by combining the goals on this post with the previous one.... Have more men take you out to dinner, thus dating more AND saving money. GENIUS.


Somebody else said the same thing! (In a comment on facebook.) Good thinking!

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