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December 22, 2009



Nice. Why don't you volunteer to revamp their website? That would certainly help lots of campers and hikers too!


I think that is about to happen. I emailed the IT guy and he seemed verrrrry excited to have a volunteer interested in web site stuff. I hope he doesn't mind the fact I only know how to do italic tags, though.

Another thing I'm thankful for, going back a couple years now: that you introduced me (and all the rest of us!) to the PATC cabins in the first place. Just think, Susan, what potent outdoorsiness you unleashed in people like myself who'd previously spent their weekends, flabby on the couch, in front of computers and the food network. Truly a miracle.


I love this one--it was one of my 2009 goals. I mentored for the first part of the year...then I slacked off. I'll try again in 2010.

Your choice of organization is a great one! Plus, if it's something you really love, you're more likely to stick with it.

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