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December 28, 2009



Mint's articles tend to be a little self-helpy, but I liked this one on the subject: http://bit.ly/7w4ptm. The takeaway item for me: "You don’t have to be responsible for making sure all of your former stuff reaches its proper place in the universe."


Thanks! Great article. This encapsulates my problem perfectly:

“One was separation anxiety: I’m afraid to let go of it because I’m attached to it,” he said. “But that was actually less of a problem than I thought. The bigger problem was they weren’t really sure where to put it or what to do next with it, and faced with those two problems together, they did nothing. So my goal was to try and create some movement.”
This jibes perfectly with my experience: even after I’ve decided I can live without those old headphones, pants, or books, what should I do with them? Try to get a couple bucks for them on eBay? Donate them to Goodwill? Just put them in the trash?


I went headlong into this when I bought my house. Before and after each renovation I had to move everything I owned from one room to another and kept thinking, if this has been in a box for two years, do I seriously need it? Do I seriously want to find yet another location in my house for it to exist? I've been purging like mad, and went into hyperdrive since last month when I had my three closets built. Everything. Must. Go. Well not everything, but I've come to really hate things taking up space for no reason in my small house and started really taking stock of what was important to me and what I could let go of. And it feels amazing once it's gone.

The point being, go on this one with my best wishes and full endorsement. And identify friends 1) with a car (if you don't have one) who will take bags to their local goodwill and 2) are good with ebay and will sell your more expensive items. That helps a lot.

Alex Dickman

You have a mac right? Get iSale, it'll help you do super easy ebay auctions. It has html templates, it'll help you research prices, track the auctions and post them for you. It works with iPhoto as well.

I've been using it to sell a few de-cluttering items from my parent's house (a sisyphean task)


Oooh. Good tip. And yeah...I don't envy you that. Mom says if I learn ebay I have to sell all of Dad's records, though, so I think I can empathize.

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