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December 15, 2009



ah, you should've joined us at Wintergreen 4th year...earned credits AND learned how to ski by a hot Kiwi.


You actually took your skis off and walked down the hill? Catherine dear, you might be unteachable...

BUT, if you want to go, I go out to Whitetail a couple times a month and would be happy to try and teach you a bit. And we always have plenty of beer. It's a dry county, but you're allowed to bring your own beer and drink it in the lodge. Or so I tell myself.

Holly wants to try and ski as well, and I know Lana expressed interest. SKI TRIP!


SKI TRIP! Yes please. I am way down.


I love skiing and always want to get better at it too. This is an awesome website that can help you to find a fun way to learn better: http://www.skilikeawoman.com/

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