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December 18, 2009



this should definitely be a course.


Holy moly that looks good. But how do you peel a cantaloupe!?


with a cantalouper. what kind of cook are you??!?

it feels somehow wrong to comment directly on a blog. like i'm cheating on a loved one.


I'd suggest some kind of soup for one of the courses. There are so many delicious options and it's something you could make in advance and leave simmering on the stove while you tended to other parts of the meal. And there are many options for nice presentation, including table-side service or garnishes. We had a dinner party this past weekend and served each guest a bowl with a small heart-shaped piece of frozen sour cream. We then poured in a roasted red pepper & tomato soup and the heart slowly melted into it.


Fancy! Yeah, I think soup is an excellent call.


Make it a chilled soup; even easier.

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