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May 12, 2009



No love for delicious.com?


i use delicious a lot—mostly for saving recipes as you'll see over there on the right—but i don't think it has the social aspects that i have become obsessed with in stuff like twitter/shared items/facebook. i mean, it might have those features (does it?) but i don't use them at all.


Oh, right, the links on the right. Duh.

But yeah, delicious has shared features (you tag something with "for:", and then it appears in that user's Inbox page). You can send private links by making the link not-shared -- then only you and the person you send it to can see it. Also, if the people in your Network are particularly active at saving links, then there's a pretty powerful social effect thing going on there too.

I probably keep up with five or ten people I know almost solely through delicious -- I'm a pretty big fan, I think, for much the same reasons you're so enthusiastic about Google Reader's shared links.

Anyway, a chacun son gout, right? I think your outline of why something like Google shared links or delicious is really useful/addictive is pretty much exactly right.


neat! i didn't know that about delicious. i guess, like always, it comes down to critical mass. i don't actually know anyone (well, now, except you) who uses delicious in that manner (i'm catherineandrews there if you ever want to share links with me over there). but yeah, sounds a lot like why i use google shared items.

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