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June 20, 2008


ben wolfson

Yoga isn't a sport.


exercise, then.

David Yaseen

Try breaststroke. If you're in good shape otherwise, the most likely problem is pacing. I have the same problem myself with freestyle, which has me gasping after 4 laps. Via the breathing pause, breaststroke allows one to set a more measured rhythm. I knock off 50 fairly quick laps at a stretch, and I still smoke.

Good luck.

matt w.

it's all about different muscle groups, i'd guess. and david's right about the pacing. the worst part is if you're in a regular swimming class, like i was in college, and you just can't seem to get your endurance up, while the "born swimmers" in your lane lap you and knock out half miles with ease.


Which pool were you at? your family still a members at the old pool?


nah - the one near my apartment in bloomingdale. no more cardinal hill! i don't think we're members there anymore.


It's all technique. Swimming well is like 80% minimizing drag, which is otherwise an enormous factor. Water is heavy! And the way to swim to minimize drag is not just intuitive at all, so people who've had some coaching can seem like they have godlike advantages in the water.

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