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June 03, 2008


ben wolfson

"Talk Show Host" is indeed fantastic.


"Where I End And You Begin" from Hail to the Thief. I love what this song turns into in a live setting.

I also would have put "Morning Bell" on there from Kid A. That song just never lets up.

"I might be Wrong" from Amnesiac is a maybe.

Definitely agree on the EMI thing. But not surprised. Money is money to them.

mike d

"Exit Music (For a Film)," from OK Computer. Gets me every time.

Scott Lemieux

In addition to Let Down EM (FaF), I really like Electioneering. Oddly, though, as someone who thinks that OK Computer and Amnesiac are must-owns and the others uneven, the track distribution would make the compilation more useful...

Spenc/r Ackerm/n

"The National Anthem" from Kid A.

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