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November 02, 2007



"So, can I make you a grilled cheese sandwich?"

Not saying it's a catch-all, but might have worked in this situation.

m. leblanc

You're cute, do you have a blog?


"Are you wearing space-pants? Because they look like space-pants."


"OMG! You're so hott! Have you ever thought of entering a contest?" Uhh, maybe not so good in this case.

Steve McQueen

Doesn't sound like a good pick-up line exists in the scenario you gave: you felt like crap and wanted to go home. Sometimes it's just not meant to be.

ben wolfson

"I have an uncontrollable desire to put the moves on you right now. Do you think that if I submitted to it, I would be culpable for my actions, or is it rather the case that, since such my desire is unchosen and uncontrolled, my action is heteronomous? Or perhaps you subscribe to the Incorporation Thesis? Or shall we just do it in the bathroom?"


You could have responded thusly:

"Um, that's really flattering, but I really do have to go now. Do you want to get together sometime and talk about something other than how attractive I am? Because I'd be interested in that."

M/tch M/lls

Wait, are we supposed to be coming up with what catherine should have said, or with what the guy should have done differently to get better results?


what the guy should have done differently.


"... it's a shame you're leaving. you're attractive."

"Indeed - the votes are in. Literally."

M/tch M/lls

what the guy should have done differently.

That's what I thought. It's those damned other commenters who confused me. Cut it out, y'all.

Not that I have any real ideas. Great prodigies make the worst teachers, because our superior inborn talent makes the skill which others find so challenging effortless for us. Laydeeeez.


maybe he should try "you come here often?" or "those are cool shoes" or "where you going? you should hang out longer..." "yo baby kin I git yer digits?" "my name is _______ whats your name"


WAIT! the only relevant question here -- is whether or not you thought he was attractive - it isn't really what you say.. it is how you say it and whether there is any return attraction.


the only relevant question here -- is whether or not you thought he was attractive

Insert laugh track here.


Instead of "I may as well be honest", which was code for, "If you weren't such a bitch, you would have responded to my attempt to start a conversation with you by holding up both our ends of the conversation", he should have said, "I know you have to go, but I'd love to get your phone number," which would have been code for "I'm polite and assertive, a combination appealing enough to at least get you to say 'let me get yours instead'."

That is, if he didn't come up with wolfson's bit.

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