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September 20, 2007


the g

you can get hurt.... by the magic of it all.

it's official: i'm in love.


HARRIS: Flair is an attitude. In addition to the bottle flipping, we practice pointing and winking.


Our local bartenders do this more now too. It used to be "that one guy" did it; now 1/2 the bar workers juggle, breathe fire, do mass pours. Sometimes it's even synchronized stuff, with more than one doing something together. It's fun to watch and adds to the atmosphere.

Al Iar

My favorite:

But I hate when people say, “Hey, you’re like Tom Cruise!” I’m nothing like Tom Cruise. That movie has probably done more damage for flair bartenders than anything else. People get this misconception that we’re spilling a lot, because he spills a lot. And the flair he does is actually horrible


This weekend, while I was playing frisbee, I noticed another couple out on the lawn practicing flipping a bottle around. The guy seemed pretty good, but the woman he was teaching: no. And I seriously hope she's not going to try out any of those moves with a real bottle in a crowded bar any time soon.


If someone flipped my Budweiser around, I would stab him.

Scott Ferguson

Beer and Circuses?

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