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July 11, 2007


Mike J.

Vain. Take your name in vain. I don't really understand what that means either.


sorry! i can't spell. it's the yglesias rubbing off.

Mike J.

I'm sorry. I don't know what got into me. Spell it any way you like.

froz gobo

Drunker than I have been in a long, long time. Math explained by starting the beer at lunch in Mill Valley, about 6 hours before arriving at Jupiter's. I clearly, however, through the fog, remember the pleasure of making your acquaintance.

ben wolfson

Is "squire" as a verb in common use? I hadn't thought it was, but catherine doesn't seem the type to drop in antiquated terms to her conversation. Anyway, I love it.


Skeezy? Dude, I want details.

ms. sandals

"status of the teva lady"

what do you mean?


Catherine, there's no need to steal my babies. Just give me the word and I'll be happy to impregnate you. I seem to have a gift for it.


You're so skeezy, apo.


Froz, how did you manage to get drunk before the meetup AND navigate from Mill Valley to Berkeley on public transit? Did you start drinking at 11 AM and bring a flask on the bus or something?


That's the sort of thing you learn when you grow up in the south.

This comment in response to both of the preceding ones.


The problem with stealing your seed instead of your babies, Apo, is that one would then have to birth the babies. Why do that when Roberta's already done all the hard work?

I remain in awe of Froz's liver.

froz gobo

...how did you...

I rode the ferry. Apo - In California they serve beer ON their public transit. It's the promised land, dude. Unfortunately the ferry had stopped running by the time I had to leave Berkeley so the trip back to MV was on GG bus. I kept asking riders where the bar was but all I got were blank stares.

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