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May 18, 2007



I have to comment on this, you must have known...

Yoga can actually hurt your back (and knees), depending on the style and intensity and instructor. There are some positions that are quite awkward and require a strong, healthy back. I'd suggest you seek out an evolved yoga or even pilates class first.


yeah, he advised me to take a really low-level/low-impact/super-easy yoga class - i definitely won't too anything too crazy.


OK good. B is so responsible.

I'd also recommend telling the instructor right before class that you're a beginner, and you're having back problems. That will ensure s/he gives more instruction, suggests back-friendly modifications, AND doesn't push you into positions that may make it worse.

Enjoy it! The lying on the floor breathing part is the best.

j o h n

girl! (from one cat who's dealt with back problems on & off for years) - just go see a chiropracter. A couple of adjustments, some electro stim w/ ice, and advice on a better way to sleep/sit at your desk, you'll be as good as new.

(or get a massage. either one works for me. recommendations supplied upon request)

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