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May 17, 2007



Yeah. I basically accidentally won their trivia night a year or so ago--a couple of friends and I sat down for a beer and decided to play along, and smoked the "competition." It is ludicrously easy.


I did the same thing on Monday...I feel for you! Ice Ice and more Ice...it helps.


Did you throw your lower back out? If it feels like something in your nerves and not in your joints, you might try Alleve or another anti-inflamatory. It'll take some time to heal, but if you sleep on your back and take the anti-inflamatory right before bed, it should eventually help. You may need to see a doc to get stronger stuff. In general, only time heals it, if it's like my back problems.


Sounds like a back spasm. Go to a doctor. If the doctor confirms that it's likely a spasm, she will prescribe a muscle relaxant (perhaps Flexeril). Go home and take care of anything that needs taken care of for the next 24 hours, and then take the muscle relaxant, preferably close to your bed. You will wake up without back pain.

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