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April 11, 2007


Matt F

There are some really terrible party themes down at VTech, according to my brother. They're apparently not so shy about the blatant racism in those parts.


But see, 90s punk is an awesome theme, whereas the other one is just an excuse to get girls to wear less and for guys to have a place to wear their UVA wardrobes.


I think Amanda's on to us.


I don't know...after the whole Imus thing, is a tennis hoes party really a good idea?


Sounds like a party at Don Imus' house.


The plural of "ho" is "hoes"? Or it "hos"? I'm confused.


i think it's actually "hos" but i cut and pasted from the evite, and that's how they spelled it.


Gotcha. It's an important thing to get right. It's been a very important word this week.

Matt F

The definitive explanation of the "hos" vs. "hoes" distinction can be found in the footnote on page 2 here (pdf), courtesy of the Seventh U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

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