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April 18, 2007


Matt F

Consuming as little as 1.8 litres of water (0.48 gal) in a single sitting may prove fatal for a person adhering to a low-sodium diet, or 3 litres (0.79 gallons) for a person on a normal diet.


I drink an awful lot of water too. Probably 3-4 glasses (I'll guess that's about 1 litre) before work, 3-4 litres during the work day, and 5-7 glasses in the evening. Yeah I guess that does come out to about 7 litres.


Also, Matt, this has been my routine pretty much since high school, and as far as I know, haven't died yet.


Yep, me too. Maybe girls just drink a lot more water than guys?


Yglesias claims to drink more than 7 a day.


I also drink very large amounts of water. I refill my Nalgene bottle at least once a day, plus I stop at water fountains pretty much whenever I can when I'm on campus.


I probably drink 7 liters of water in a month. I am never, ever thirsty. After a workout, I'll have about one glass worth.

Sometimes, at night, I can hear the kidney stones growing.


For susan.


At this point, my kidneys are little more than tightly wadded coffee filters. I must absorb moisture from the air, since I certainly drink more from my mug than my Nalgene.


Holy crap, Cath! That is straight NUTLOG! At some point, don't you worry about water intoxication? It's a serious problem, even if the lead singer of Coldplay wear some fucking tape on his hand about it.

I pee that many times a day. But that's because I'm currently on Lasik. That shit has made me like the fountains in front of the Bellagio.

mike d

Why is the label reversed on the Deer Park bottle? Or do you only drink kraP reeD water?

"Crap Reed" would be a great name for a clarinet punk band.


Scientific comment: 1mL is about 1 gram, so 1000 mL is 1 L or 1000 g or 1 kilo. If you drink 7 L a day, then you are putting on 7 kg of mass or 15.4 lbs of weight a day. If you assume you pee half of that away, and secrete one-quarter of that (tears, sweat, teh poop, etc.) then you are left with one-quarter of water a day... 3.85 lbs. You are putting on almost 4 lbs a day with that kind of water consumption! However, you lose more of that water if you exercise, drink alcohol or coffee, and/or engage in sexual activity (possibly consider exercise!?).

If you really want to prove how much you are drinking and losing, just step on a scale throughout the day, before and after drinking as well as going #1 (and/or dropping a deuce).

Fun fact: An F1 racer can lose between 15 to 25 lbs of weight during the course of a race. How? Sweat! That is why they are required to have water inside the car as well as consume large amounts after the race.

For more info on water intoxication: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Water_intoxication

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