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January 17, 2007



Oh my god. I was dying laughing as I was reading that. I mean, AAAAH! But hysterical.

M/tch M/lls

Glad you're safe.


How very dramatic! But, seriously, I'm glad to hear you're going to be okay.


I still can't believe sweet Wreck bit you! That must have been an epic freak-out. I'm glad you're not mad at him.


Bless you, Catherine, what you said was that "a dog bit you because of a squirrel", as if a squirrel had come between the two of you. I can't believe it myself.


That is quite a saga. I'm glad you're well and squirrel-free.

information leafblower

You have dogs in the house and they bite you instead of the squirrel? WTF? If you had a cat, that squirrel would be dead meat right about now. But glad you're OK.

I don't pay

I sure hope the entrance hole is extensively patched, because when cast into the utter darkness, they will make heroic efforts to reenter where they were before; the alternative, for them, is death. This is what catch-and-release, don't-hurt-the-poor-thing-ism fails to take into account: squirrels are highly territorial, and for good reason fear other squirrels, whose territory may be invisible to us but is most likely only a few feet away, so much so that they will expend almost any amount of energy on reentering, on a merely physical barrier, rather than encounter another. My next door neighbor cut his tree down, thereby depriving a family of squirrels of their home. As a consequence, he has fought a running, ten-year battle with multiple generations of this family, who have broken into his garage, now with every square inch of what was once wood wainscotting covered in flashing: no matter, they rip the shingles off the roof to get in. My wife and I, she in the converted house her office at Northwestern is situated in, I in our own attic, have this past year waged epic battles with them. Ours were finally trapped out, and I went with the exterminator with the last trapped squirrel his truck. When he opened the gate, a charnal house of trapped animals was displayed, a nightmare vision.
It might have been better had Wreck killed your squirrel, for he will certainly try to reenter.
(cross-commented at Grammar Police)


Something tells me you won't be purchasing a box of Honey Bunches of Oats anytime soon... glad to hear that you're OK though!

The Goo

I'm pretty sure the hilarity gravity of this story is why God put squirrels on earth.


Isn't this how thriller revenge plots start?
[opening black and white scene of violent capture of squirrel by some brutish looking hipster thugs, blonde girl crying on the curb drenched in blood, pan out to view the city and the river... bag with squirrel dumped in river... squirrel escapes and is beached (at night) on the bank of the Potomac]
Trailer Narrator: She thought her fears were over. But what she didn't plan was for the ratsquirrel to seek revenge.
[cut to interior scene, blonde walks slowly to the window and peers through the transparent curtains down to the street below]
Rat Squirrel (wearing eye-patch and smoking a cig): I'm back be-atch! And this time, I'm not leaving until the job is done. (turns around in full length leather jacket and jumps on motorcycle)
[cue actors names interspersed with scenes of violent ratsquirrel on human action - think Hostel and Halloween]
Scarlett Johanssen as the Blonde
Jude Law as Roman the Hipster Thug
Cilian Murphy as Rat Squirrel
[interior shot of bathroom with Blonde lying on tile crying at the sight of the closed door... a claw crashes through the door created a hole followed by an eye peering through it]
Rat Squirrel: I... SEE... YOU!
[cut to release date]

PS: The Rat Squirrel looks like the rabbit from Donnie Darko!


Um, oh my god. I can't believe wreck bit you! I can't believe you got a friggin squirrel in your room! I would have grabbed my laptop, run out of the house, and immediately found some wifi to look up new rentals. Glad you're okay, and I really hope that animal didn't go up the street.

Scott Lemieux

Yikes. I got a squirrel in my apartment last year, but fortunately I was able to shoo it away and the only bad effect was a lot of shit on the kitchen floor.

I still remember gasping to see it, though, especially since it was first thing in the morning...


Bad as this is - and I hope your leg heals OK - something arguably worse happened to a co-worker of mine. He was bitten, and a squirrel was the cause, but no dogs were involved. He was walking through a park when an apparently psychotic squirrel ran up to him, ran up his leg inside his pants, and bit his leg. WTF?

For years afterward his co-workers left acorns in his desk.

John Emerson

It's good you got bit by a dog and not the squirrel, because dogs get their rabies shots. Seriously, a vet friend of mine said that in PA squirrels are the most dangerous carriers of rabies, mostly because they're so cute.


my friend's and I have always said that a DC squirrel is automatically more badass than any other local squirrel. MD? Lame. VA? Lazy. DC? Bad-Ass.


Oh, and perfect timing: the Long Branch Nature Center in Arlington is having Squirrel Appreciation Day this Sunday.


Oh my -- that's horrendous! I'm glad to hear you're ok. Hadn't realized DC was home to such bold squirrels!


holy shit.


Wow, woman, I am so sorry to hear this!


you have to see this, for the squirrel...


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