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January 16, 2007



Oh god. So sorry about your leg. Is this where you go nuts with your m16 and when the smoke clears everything is dead?


And she posts before she goes to the hospital. That's service. Sorry about your leg; enjoy your war wound.

M/tch M/lls

More importantly, is Wreck okay?

And only slightly less importantly, was the squirrel dispatched? By who?

ben wolfson

By whom.

I had the same thought as ogged—dedication. Hope it's not serious.


Be sure to ask for a full toxicology test, will you?


OH MY GOD. I'm glad it sounds like you'll be OK. But still OH MY GOD. I can't believe you had it together enough to post before leaving for the hospital!

Now you're going to have to wear a dress this weekend to show off your war wound.

The message you left on my phone -- I'll have to play it for you this weekend.


My sources on the front lines indicate that the squirrel was dispatched to the out-of-doors, as was the dog, and Catherine is convalescing in a hospital waiting room. V-S day!

md 20/400

The out-of-doors as in "frolicking in the fields on a farm"? Good, if that's the squirrel's fate. Bad, if that is Wreck's. Very bad if that is Catherine's. (Howard U. Hospital: where journalists are ignored.)

Matt F

Jesus, that's crazy. Hope everything's ok. Console yourself with thoughts of a squirrel-free house.

M/tch M/lls

Yeah, I of course hope you're okay too, that little thing up there about Wreck was just a joke (along with some wolfson bait; worked like a charm).

And I hate to bring this up now, but if it is indeed the case that the squirrel was merely chased out of the house, and not dispatched to its maker, isn't it a little premature to declare victory? Can't the squirrel just come back in through whatever hole it originally entered in?

I wouldn't start spending that peace dividend just yet, is all I'm sayin'.


Great post.


Ygglz has some backstory that should settle your concerns, M/tch.


i'm fine! just one stitch. mostly, they were worried about infection, so it was good i went. i'm about to embark on a lengthy post detailing the entire insane evening. thanks for all the well wishes.

M/tch M/lls

Okay, so maybe Spackerman's "Mission Accomplished" speech is warranted.

ben wolfson

Whatever post your planning will be useless without pictures, catherine. I hope you realize this and have taken and are taking appropriate measures.

I mean, I'm glad you're well.


at the hospital, i was like, shit, i wish i had my camera. but sadly i didn't. and no pictures were procured throughout the evening.



Whatever post your planning

Are you KIDDING me?



ben wolfson

I was traumatized by the trauma catherine had endured.

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