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November 07, 2006



That IS awesome!


PS, check out this hilarious comment from "Nitrotech25":
... what's worse is Faith's a liberal. I guess we can lump her with the dixie chics now? Geeez. If you watch her before the winner is announced, she does this odd head roll/eye roll thing.. do you think she was, perhaps, "on" something? Anyone else notice how frumpy her black dress was? For a min. there, I thought she had put on 50 lbs.. but I think it was just her horrendous big collared smock she was wearing? Faith was NOT having a good night... I predict trouble in paradise w/Tim as well.



That's not country music.


You know because in a real country music awards show, all the other ladies would flip out, too.

Fernando Martinez

Fernando thinks Faith was joking.

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