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November 15, 2006



You do realize that Dane Cook likes Muse, right?

I just think that's a warning sign.


Have you tried Of Montreal? I'm guessing they share an audience with teh Shins.

ben wolfson

I hear someone sent you a whole CD of music.

Mike P

I've liked what I've heard on the new Damien Rice album, "9". I don't know if liking him implies an abundance or a lack of hipster cred, but for the cold months coming in D.C., you could do a lot worse. "9 Crimes" and "The Animals Were Gone" are both great.


I don't have a ton of suggestions, but a short list of some bands I've been downloading for the first time lately: Chin Up Chin Up (self-titled album), Centromatic (Fort Recovery), Mirah (Advisory Committee), and the latest album from the Gossip (Standing in the Way of Control). (I know, I know, they're not new, but they're new to me and it's great stuff).


I can very much understand your affinity for music that sounds "big" so here are a few bands/albums you *must* check out:

The National - Alligator... at least get the songs Mr. November, Abel, and Lit Up. They have quite the big sound.

Wolf Parade - Apologies to Queen Mary... again, at least check out a couple songs (Grounds for Divorce, Dear Sons and Daughters of Hungry Ghosts, and Shine a Light)

Bloc Party - Silent Alarm... you'll like it from song 1 straight through i bet. opens almost exactly like the joshua tree.

Bill Blase

www.pernicebrothers.com. power pop meets morrissey. great stuff.


There's these four guys from Liverpool. I hear they're pretty good.

j o h n

I second The National.

The new jams from Snowden & I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness are pretty good (especially the latter - wow, where did that come from).

If you like big anglophile sound, then you must pick up The Editors "Back Room". Utterly phenomenal. Run, do not walk.

I just took a quick run-thru the new Badly Drawn Boy. I find it better than his last stuff but I need a few more listens before making a hard recommendation.

And I always have to recommend this years Arab Strap, TVOTR, Yo La Tengo, Cat Power, for which I assume you already have. But just in case, pick em up. They were great.

(and if you dig Explosions In The Sky, pick up any Mogwai, Do Make Say Think or A Silver Mt Zion albums. Especially Mogwai - EITS wear their Mogwai influences on their sleeves).

Don't get me started. I can keep going and going and going...

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