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October 15, 2006


Matt F

Dammit, I could use a burrito. Also: whiskey. Microwave pizza will have to do. Fortunately, I'm set on scotch.


After last night I've pretty much resolved to wearing a sweater dress every day for the rest of my life. I should probably invest in more sweater dresses. I had a blast, thanks for being one of several wonderful hosts!


I, too, did not know the transformative power of the sweater dress, but this is a fashion statement I can firmly get behind. Amanda, you must plan a sweater-dress-buying mission for the rest of us, and show us how you drive the men wild!

Matthew Yglesias

There's still plenty of alcohol, frankly, so folks can come back and keep drinking.


when do you want to schedule our girlfight? I've been thinking of good moves all day, and I'm totally not scared of your wingspan. i think.


it is ON. i can touch your nose. nyah!

let's say, mid-november? i feel like a month is fair training time, especially if i eventually tag along with charles to the boxing gym.

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