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October 22, 2006



Sufjan Stevens for me, but that's really getting more into winter.

ben wolfson

I used to be able to rattle off some excellent fall tracks. Oh for those simpler times. Don't increase your music acquisition at a much faster rate than your music digestion, children, or you'll be forced to scroll through your stuff alphabetically and miss lots of good things.

Andy Bole - Ramshackle Pier (eg "Blackwater/Silver Sea" or "Ambush", which has the same beginning, more or less, as John Cale's "Chinese Envoy", which would also be good).
A lot of the Angels of Light's stuff.
Akron/Family - I'll Be on the Water
Alasdair Roberts - Farewell Sorrow, or Appendix Out's The Night is Advancing.
Andrew Bird - Sovay
Arthur Russell - World of Echo
Zombies - Oddessey and Oracle
A lot of early Willie Nelson!
Rick Bishop - Morella
Townes van Zandt - Tecumseh Valley

I think the Tin Hat Trio trades in fall songs. I guess Tom Waits' "September" is kind of a gimme, but there's a lot of good stuff on Alice; in fact, I'd nominate the whole album. Tortoise's "I Set My Face to the Hillside" and Brokeback's Field Recordings from the Cook County Water Table and Trio S's "Davy Lowston" and the Tindersticks, Philharmonie, and certain beloved by me Mountain Goats songs and and and, gosh. Oh, and Dawn Smithson.

ben wolfson

P.G. Six, The Well of Memory
Otomo Yoshihide, Blue (this is a movie soundtrack and is actually kind of schmaltzy at times).
Michael Chorney & Polly Vanderputten - Songs in Secret Ink
Mi and L'au, August Born, Born Heller, and some other band that Ben Chasny (in August Born, but not the others) is part of all make good fall music.
Olivia Tremor Control, Black Foliage
Audrey, Visible Forms.

Clearly I'm doing this for my own amusement.


As far as your suggestions go, I am pro-all of them. Especially Heartbreaker. The harmonica three-quarters of the way through the song "Call Me On Your Way Back Home" kills me every time.

Get Lonely from the Mountain Goats is pretty fall-y too, if your autumns are three-month-long depressive episodes.

ben wolfson

Quo' Adrienne: "if your autumns are three-month-long depressive episodes."

If they aren't, you're doing it wrong. ("Woke Up New" is especially good.)

ben wolfson

My attempt to be clever and italicize album titles while leaving song titles in roman type was foiled by this blog's stern no-html policy.


it should now be fixed.

Matt F

Olivia Tremor & Andrew Bird, yes indeed. Old blues music also, at least for me--lately, it's been Mississippi John Hurt's 1928 Sessions. Excellent stuff.


thanks for the mountain goat recs - they'd been on my ipod and i'd just never got around to listening to them, but i am now, and they are WONDERFUL. i am sad i missed them when they came to the black cat.


Today I played fall music to drown out the chattering of my teeth!

Grizzly Bear, Yellow House
Jackie-O Motherfucker, Flags of the Sacred Harp
The Constantines, Shine a Light
Xiu Xiu, The Air Force
David Bowie, Heathen
Yo La Tengo, Fall Is the Reason We Exist as a Band

and some Harry Nilsson and Love. I wish someone would fix the furnace.


Ooooh! Speaking of Harry Nisson! Go get yourselves the new Walkmen cover album of Pussycats. Aside from their cover of "Subteranean Homesick Blues" sounding a little like Kenny Loggins, it's teh awesome.

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