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Hi there! I'm Catherine. I live in Washington, DC and am Director of Content for a great company called

I've also spent time in Charlottesville (undergraduate at UVa), Italy (Milan, teaching for a year), Chicago (graduate school at Northwestern's school of journalism), Atlanta (working at, but have spent most of my life in DC. This is the area where I grew up.

I like to bake, run, do yoga, drink wine, travel, hike, and other stuff. I really like the internet. Like a lot. Like I want to marry it. I've been blogging in one form or another since 1996. That's right, I was blogging before the word even existed. Wrap your mind around that.

I use this blog to talk about lots of random stuff that happens in my life. It's a personal blog. Remember those? Circa 2005, they were PRETTY POPULAR.

Anyways, overall, I'm relatively boring and normal. You can reach me at pablohoney at gmail dot com.