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December 17, 2007


the g

received from the N this afternoon on email:

You could not do this movie. -------------------------- Sent from my BlackBerry Wireless Handheld

My thing is this: I like zombie movies. I will be one of the first in line when World War Z is finally done, and others are okay too, although I'm gonna be lame and not provide any examples. I am, however, tired of apocalypse movies, which I think is different from zombies. I don't like paying to feel lonely.


it wasn't very good. the book wasn't very good either. however the greatest zombie book of all time that everyone should read is world war z.


Jason liked it; I thought it was boring. It could've been great, but I can't pinpoint what could've made it better....maybe him making out with the mannequin? The dog eating Will Smith's brain out? Just can't pinpoint it...


I really liked it, and the dog was awesome. Poor puppy.

any other examples out there?

I think the quintessential example of the gender split is supposed to be The 3 Stooges.


Hmm. Maybe I need gender realignmnet surgery of some sort...can't stand The 3 Stooges. Now, The Marx Brothers on the other hand...


Just to add points to your data set: Andrew Sullivan and his boyfriend hated it.


I didn't hate IAL--There were a lot of things I thought were really good about it, and I mostly enjoyed watching it (but it really went down hill after the plot twist). It did, however, confirm my pre-existing belief that I do. not. like. zombies. And I am firmly committed to avoiding them in the future.

So, I guess matt is right.


dudes like to think it would be be cool to be the last one on earth.

ben wolfson

Says who men can't bake?

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