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August 21, 2007



Best vlog ever. Domo arigato.


Hot bots!


We're such brats.


So great. There was a depth--and gawd help me, I'm 33% serious--to Capps's robot that I would not have thought was possible. Moving.

Catherine could have at least eaten a cookie on tape.


if these two represent the "hottest" of d.c., then that so totally gives credence to the old adage that washington is hollywood but w/ ugly people. not to mention just another bastion of annoying white boy irony. boring.


jm, yer a charming idiot.


The "charming" is lost on me. The latter makes pefect sense.


Oh good lord. Is there anyone on earth more boring than people who actually use the phrase 'washington is hollywood but w/ ugly people'?


Haaaa! I get it! "We are the robots!" Aren't you guys too young to be listening to Kraftwerk? Anyway I would have voted for you two. So the hype was bigger than the poll! Awesome! OK, what's the point of living in Washington, again?

When in LA, I can favor you. Jed the Fish / KROQ 106.7

(You don't have to have a blog to say nothing to the masses. )



oh good lord, is there anyone on earth more boring than people who actually use the phrase 'oh good lord?'


Who are all these people?


Comment bots.

ben wolfson

Is that really Jed the Fish?


What does he mean by "favor you"?

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