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March 20, 2007



kottke just said that about TWITTER. The part about flickr, I mean.

Anyway, saying something's better than MySpace isn't high praise in my book. I'd give the same acclaim to getting kicked in the nuts. The problem with the invite thing is that unless everyone you're inviting is a facebooker, they're out of the loop. evite works better if you have an account, but you can at least receive the notification/invitation and respond without one.

But yeah, facebook is decent. And I, too, have noticed a lot of friends joining up recently.


I agree completely. Facebook has the best interface of all the social networking sites I've tried. I have a bunch of friends on myspace and tried to use it but couldn't get into it because it is so clunky and awful.


i didn't read that kottke post until right now. i think he's out of his mind. i keep hoping to come around on twitter, though, but i dunno.

i think facebook is more concentrated here in washington, especially in the netroots and political circles. i see the invite function being used for lots and lots of netroots events, both social and political. not that i think dc folks are normally early adapters or anything, but i think for some reason it's prescient in this case. plus, like i said, it seems to be gaining enough critical mass that soon you will be able to invite most friends.

and facebook isn't just better than myspace, that's not its only appeal. my spleen is better than myspace. but facebook is really the best social networking site i've ever seen, one of the best sites i'm using right now period. i lurve it!


I don't check facebook very frequently. It must be a genetic thing, like how some people don't like cilantro even though cilantro is great. Something about it is too sincere—it doesn't have an interface that lets you cut up a little. In that respect I guess it actually is a social-networking site, rather than a "social-networking site" that is in fact for writing puns and posting stupid pictures and check out new music/hotties.

Oh, and I'm starting to really resent the facebook invitation feature, since I miss out on things that I might go to and at least one thing that a friend did hope I would attend.


i thought this was the case but wasn't sure so just double checked - you can invite people who are not on facebook just using their email. i don't believe they have to register to rsvp.

plus, why are you missing out, kriston? you are on facebook.


oh i see, because you don't check in that often. but am i incorrect or doesn't facebook send you an email notification when you've been invited to something? maybe not.


I always opt out of e-mail notification for those kinds of things—it's too much.

the g

I get what you are saying, but what's the point if no one you know is on it? I'm old, my peer group is just discovering myspace, & so my social "network" is still 3 years behind the trends.

And won't something better just come along anyways? myspace is a total joke, that's a given, but I can't make myself sign up for one more internet... thing. This is a lot of pressure, Catherine. I still use BLOGGER, for chrissakes, and occasionally wonder aloud whatever happened to Friendster, so I know I'm a total square.


god. facebook. after years of ignoring my friendster account and avoiding facebook and myspace, i finally signed up last weekend just to see the dcist page [shaking fist angrily at sommer]. now i'm pissed that my work firewalls it b/comgwhatishappeningonfacebookican'twaituntiligethome!!!1! you know, because my life needs another internet addiction.



the g



G, if you promise not to get on it, I'll get off it. We'll just invite each other to events after everybody we know takes it up.

Hey! I hear there's a Shudder To Think listening this weekend! Or, today, when I was listening to my ipod.

the g

ha. no one is invited to capps and i's private nostalgia fests. take that, facebookers.

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