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November 10, 2006



Suggestion: Hustle. Since they started airing Hustle on AMC last year, it has been my favorite TV show by far. It was kind of a pain at first, since they only showed it regularly on Saturdays, which meant I only caught in on occasion, usually during some midafternoon marathon. But once they moved it Wednesdays at 10 it became my fave. Looks like they start airing the series again (from the beginning) on November 22nd.


Probably, I'll never actually see this show, but the mere idea of a comedy about the Canadian Secret Service called Underfunded has me in stitches.


i've benefitted from watching lost in german since i now live in germany. maybe you can find some episodes in italian? (didn't i read a mention of italian in some previous posts?) the shows don't get better, but they're less a waste of time....


The fact that the writers decide to make a different character completely irrational in each week's episode gets sort of draining after a while.

Of course then I think back to how bad television was five years ago, and I realize that even the erratic efforts of Lost and Studio 60 leave me far more entertained.

the ghost

30 Rock. It's good.

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