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November 15, 2006



Think it could be the Dean? Or his wife? I mean probably not, but can we rule them out?


The Chili's product placement bugged the heck out of me last night. It was so distracting. And I hate Laura San Giacomo with the fire of 1000 suns. She is so annoying.

For the rape suspect - the wussy RA?


I have a pretty high tollerance for crappy offerings from things that I already love. I will make myself think they're still as great as ever, which is what I've been doing all season. But last night I got really pissed because I realized that the only time I've been truly wrapped with anything VM offered this season was when they put Veronica in serious danger. We're in serious need of a lot more Mac, and a LOT more Wallace.

And yes, Friday Night Lights is wonderful. I'm find that it and The Office are the only shows I actually get excited to watch each week. And Tim Riggins is crazy hot. I developed a crush on him when I saw a hilariously terrible movie a few months ago, and was pleased as punch to find that I'd get to see him in all his drunken glory each week.


oh yeah! i did forget the dean as an option. but i feel a little bit like they've been down that road before - creepy older dude as the villain, or one of the villains - so i don't think they'd go there again. plus i'd think they'd want to keep the dean around as a character because he's interesting. basically this makes no sense, but i feel like they might be trending towards a woman as the villain, just because they haven't yet done that.


also, is that really how you spell villain? that word is looking incredibly weird to me this morning.


My guess is that it is the RA. Has there been any reason to eliminate him?

ben wolfson

Villains are those who hang around the villa.

You might think I'm claiming this just as a mnemonic but it's actually the origin of the word, too.


yeah, it was a little disappointing, and the episode mystery was WEAK. i'm upset that they keep leaving mac out (i guess tina majorino is busy with big love) but at least we got some vinnie and lamb! but seriously, she gets drugged at DINNER? at her college dining hall?!....slightly absurd.

as for the rapist, i'm going with the RA. or maybe that creepy safe ride girl with the nose ring?


could it be a combination of the RA and the evil scary nose-ring feminist lady? don't they both drive the safety carts? and we were informed this ep that mo does have keys to all the rooms.

j o h n

I like the idea of having the same actor return each season playing a different role. Deadwood did the same thing between seasons 1 & 2: the actor who played Wild Bill's killer came back to the second season to play the serial killer employed be Hearst. I was all excited (I know - lame) to see him back on season 3 playing another murderer/killer but alas, he wasn't back.


Yeah... dude. You can't just go around accusing characters like the Dean just because he happens to be a character on the show. Aside from general quirkiness (and apparently, gambling debt), there's no reason to suspect him.

And Joss re-used all sorts of folks within the Buffy/Angel-o-sphere. Why not in Neptune?

I'm still hammering out the details of my rapist theory. I envision some weird, two-party situation involving some mastermind blackmailing 09er meatheads (Dick Casablancas, for one) into committing the crimes for a specific purpose - financial, possibly. Hmm...


Oh! I've got it!

Beaver's ghost!!!


ooh. jeff, i like your theory, mostly for its multi-layer purposes. my problem with attempting to solve vmars mysteries is i always think just one character, one motive, but there's usually a lot more going on there. i definitely bet dick has more to do with it than we think...but i don't think he's evil. that'd be too much for the two casablancas boys to be crazy psychos.

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