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October 18, 2006



Beer for children.


I'm sure you'll have some picks from the Buffy musical whenever y'all get to it. As for blogger-appropriate covers:

"Hook" - Blues Traveler

"The Idiot Heart" - Beauty Pill (for the aspiring authors/artistes)

"Army of Me" - Bjork (partly thinking of Glenn Reynolds here, partly just trying to propitiate Gibson)

"The City" - Dismemberment Plan (for our transient metropolis)

"Everybody Knows" - Leonard Cohen (for the "Pump up the Volume" resonance)

"Shadow Stabbing" - Cake ("adjectives on the typewriter / he moves his words like a prizefighter / the frenzied pace of the mind inside the cell")

"We Used to Be Friends" - Dandy Warhols (how did this one not make the initial list?)

"Language is a Virus" - Laurie Anderson (just to be weird)

"Washington D.C." - Magnetic Fields (or maybe more appropriately, "D.C. Will Do That to You" by Smart Went Crazy)

"The Idiot Kings" - Soul Coughing

And for you FLICKr addicts, "I Turn My Camera On" - Spoon

Matthew Yglesias

"relationshipatial" is my new favorite word


becks: of course.

julian: those are some great suggestions. you're right, "we used to be friends" should have immediately made the list. so, yeah, we're up to three. i particularly find the suggestion of "hook" extra hilarious. i mean, can you imagine... and when we get to the buffy musical, the only question is, who's going to do the giles/tara duet that makes me cry EVERY TIME? obviously it's gotta be yglesias and kriston.

matt: i coin mad new words.

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