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October 18, 2006


ben wolfson

The only questions are, how early do you need to get up, and how much do you need to work in the evenings? Having a straight job fucks you up on the former point; being a student on the latter.

Matt F

It's when the two conditions are combined that things get interesting.


generally i get up around 7 and work till 5 or 6. medill, sadly, is pretty much like a regular job. but the evenings are generally free.

the g

so will we see you @ wilco tonight? I'll be onstage, getting punched. can't miss me.


NO. i couldn't get tickets. sad face. it's okay, though, i've got a midterm tomorrow anyways.


I'd like to see Wilco play live some time.


what does your line up look like?

the g

awww, kriston. if we had an extra, we'd invite you.

but instead, i'll just wave ours for tonight in yr face.


What are you seeing next Thursday? I'm planning on 9:30 for Presets and the Rapture


my line up looks something like this (not all finalized):

monday - karmella's game
tuesday - fw thomas reading; mojave 3
wednesday - tilly and the wall, love is all
thursday - the national/nethers
friday (maybe) - dam festival stuff

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